R.J. Mitchell

Q&A: R.J. Mitchell on Crafting ‘The Hurting’ – A Pulse-Pounding Crime Thriller Set in Glasgow

Discover the exhilarating world of crime thrillers as acclaimed author R.J. Mitchell engages in a captivating Q&A session about his latest novel, ‘The Hurting.’ Unveiling the intricate research, the art of grounding the story, and the compelling role of Glasgow as a character, this exclusive interview delves into the pulse-pounding intersection of crime, terrorism, and MI5. Join us as we explore the captivating insights and behind-the-scenes revelations that make ‘The Hurting’ a must-read for fans of gripping suspense and the dynamic city of Glasgow.

Introducing ‘The Hammer’ — The Latest DS Thoroughgood Thriller

In his exploit, Glasgow police officer Angus Thoroughgood heads south from his beloved city and finds himself in Manchester. More specifically, this is Manchester in 1990 when football, music, and the city’s infamous nightclub scene were at a fever pitch. And although it isn’t home for the Scot, it’s the perfect backdrop for author R.J. Mitchell’s brand of gritty, high-octane crime writing.

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