Submissions are OPEN!

We are Matthew James Publishing, a traditional publishing imprint and part of the Andrews UK Limited family of publishers.
Our focus is on greatness from small beginnings — growing our reach alongside our authors whilst continuing to provide a high-quality, independent publishing experience to everyone that we work with. By focusing on what we do best, we can provide the best home for your book.
Whilst we’re open to receiving any and all submissions, the submission guidelines below should help you in providing your work to us.
Our current focus is on Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Thrillers.

What do you need to provide:

Submissions to be provided digitally only (email) in Word document format. [PDFs are also accepted]

The first 3 chapters of your book.

Proposed title and word count of your manuscript.

A full synopsis, including the ending, as well as a short blurb for the book.

If you have already published the title yourself, let us know how, when and where it is available.

If you have any other supporting material, such as a cover you have designed or any internal illustration work please provide it. We may not use any of it but it is a good indicator of your vision for the book.

Supporting information [not essential but always appreciated]:

Preferred contact method and details

A short author biography

If you have previously released other titles, please reference them

A short outline of any series potential and plans for subsequent titles if applicable

Please send all submissions to

What happens next?

If your submission is successful we will get back to you to discuss how we can work together and what the next steps will be. As a company, we believe it is important to get to know each other before we start anything, so our first step is always about good communication.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a response to every submission we receive but we try to give feedback to as many people as possible.

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