Review Roundup: The Hammer by R.J. Mitchell

“A high-octane police thriller that isn’t afraid to pack a punch!”

The Hammer is the latest police procedural crime thriller and the sixth book in the DS Thoroughgood series of books from acclaimed Scottish crime author R.J. Mitchell. A direct continuation from The Blood Acre, and inspired, in part, by the author’s signing with a Manchester-based publishing house in Matthew James, The Hammer sees a younger Angus Thoroughgood taking to the mean streets of 1990s Manchester.

England’s second city feels like a world away for Glasgow’s finest, but he quickly settles in courtesy of DCI Marty Ferguson — a Glasgow exile with a messianic presence. In Manchester, Thoroughgood finds himself in the midst of a turf war with drugs football at its core. However, Thoroughgood quickly discovers that drugs are the least of the city’s problems.

Cue a nightmare at the Theatre of Dreams and The Hammer becomes one of R.J. Mitchell’s most high-octane thrill rides.

Below is a selection of reviews for the book, written by readers as part of the digital book tour organised by LoveBooksTours.

“I honestly could not put this book down.” — book-a-holic

“The main character DC Thoroghgood was complex, with many different sides to him…” — Lauren Rea

“A powerful and dynamic novel…” — lattesandcosyreads

“A high-octane police thriller that isn’t afraid to pack a punch! …This is the sixth book in the Thoroughgood series but can easily be read as a stand-alone.” — Books by Bindu

“I’m a huge fan of crime thrillers so couldn’t resist trying an author that was new to me. I’m so pleased I did!” — Jane Churchill

“From fueding gangs to romance to gun fights there was always something to keep you on your toes.” — cait.the.bookworm

“You won’t be disappointed with the ending of this book, and it will leave you wanting more…” — Paula Learmouth

“The main character DC Thoroughgood was well written and likeable.” — Lauren Couchman

“A brilliant gritty story that delves into the criminal underworld of 1990s Manchester.” — Miranda’s Book Scape

Thank you to everyone who shared a review of The Hammer. Thoroughgood’s Manchester secondment has gone better than we ever imagined and we’re excited that this book introduced so many new readers to the character and the work of R.J. Mitchell.

The Hammer is out now in paperback as well as digitally via Kindle, Apple Books and Kobo.

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