The Longest Shadow

A DS Thoroughgood Thriller

By R. J. Mitchell

ISBN: 9781913230159

Beginning atop Scotland’s Wallace Monument, a skeleton from DS Thoroughgood’s past threatens to put a stop to his future.

The Longest Shadow is book #3 in the DS Thoroughgood series of crime thrillers.

The third installment in the DS Thoroughgood series of Scottish crime thrillers sees Angus Thoroughgood in pursuit of a suspect he believes to be the psychotic leader of a vicious gang wanted for abduction and murder. Taking to the streets of Glasgow’s West End, these famous streets are the stage for a high-octane pursuit that will leave the reader gasping for breath – but does Thoroughgood have the right man?

With the case still wide open, Thorughgood’s complicated love life drags him into the battle for control of the Roxburgh Whisky dynasty. Tensions build towards a nail-biting crescendo as Thoroughgood works to identify the killer — a person intent on wiping out Scotland’s most famous whisky family. With the finger of guilt pointed at a powerful Triad leader, clues from a 70-year-old war-time diary lead Thoroughgood to realise nothing as it seems. However, with the charms of Victoria Roxburgh clouding his judgment, Thoroughgood is dragged into a fight to the end with a ruthless foe whose identity shocks them both.

“I felt like I was there with the intrepid duo as they chase criminals through Glasgow’s streets and the stunning Scottish countryside.”
Rambling Mads

About the Author

Robert James ‘RJ’ Mitchell is a crime fiction novelist from Stirling, Scotland. His DS Thoroughgood series of books have earned the author many plaudits, and a nomination for the prestigious People’s Book Prize (2017 & 2019). Mitchell draws on his experiences as a Glasgow cop throughout his work, and still cherishes his first police shoulder number – D325.

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