JP Frankham’s ‘The Books of Sam’ Vampire Fantasy Series Acquired By Matthew James Publishing

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Matthew James Publishing is pleased to announce the acquisition of the fantasy horror series ‘The Books of Sam’ from author JP Frankham. Rights to ‘The Books of Sam’ series were acquired by publisher James Shaw. ‘Seeker’, the first book in the series, is set to release in September 2024.

‘Seeker’ is the elaborate opening chapter of JP Frankham’s ambitious otherwordly vampire saga. Ancient prophecies collide with modern struggles, setting the stage for an epic, gruesome, and intricate series.

“The Books of Sam, as a series, is my take on vampire lore,” says JP Frankham. “The Books of Sam uses vampire lore to explore the boxes we put ourselves in, the ways in which we seek to identify ourselves, to set ourselves apart from others.”

“Seeker is like no book I had ever read,” says publisher James Shaw. “Working with JP Frankham in a way that will help realise his ambitious vision for this series has been great and I’m excited for everyone to experience The Books of Sam and the world he has created for themselves”.

On bringing The Books of Sam to Matthew James Publishing, JP Frankham adds: “It feels like I’ve found a good home for the series, with a publisher who believes in what I’m setting out to achieve”

Synopsis for ‘Seeker’

Frederick is an Immortal obsessed with an ancient prophecy about the first vampire. His centuries-long quest finally leads him to Willem Townsend, a man consumed by his career and concern for his family. From behind the scenes, Frederick manipulates Will, luring him in with the promise of a budding romance before their fated confrontation leads to a near-fatal attack and an unexpected rebirth.

As Will grapples with his transformation and fate, his best friend desperately searches for him while fighting to understand his own feelings. Meanwhile, Frederick faces threats from within his ranks and the attacks of an unrelenting hunter, as he prepares to fulfil the prophecy alongside the ancient order of The Three.

“I’ve always been fascinated by vampires, especially the more archaic, unknown elements found in the various cultures around the world,” adds Frankham. “Each take on vampirism, every quirk found in each different culture, is usually a reflection of that culture’s history. Thus, my own take is a reflection of many of my own perceptions about the culture I was raised in. The prejudices, the need to conform, and more recently the importance of one’s own identity, which is often wrapped up in gender norms and sexuality.” 

On the first novel in the Books of Sam series, the author continues: “‘Seeker’ is very much a book about identity, about one man’s realisation that his entire identity has been dictated by his relationships with others; notably his family and work. It’s also about manipulation, and how easily we are manipulated by those around us, often without realising it. And not always in bad ways.”

‘The Books of Sam’ series begins with ‘Seeker’, which is slated for release in September 2024. 

About JP Frankham

JP Frankham has written over ten novels, countless short stories and several audio plays, in the last twenty years. He’s been an editor for various publishers, as well as a creator of more than one spin-off series of books based on official, long-running TV shows. But now, once again, he’s turning his attention to original works, and his opus, The Books of Sam.

About Matthew James Publishing

Matthew James Publishing is an imprint of Andrews UK. Matthew James Publishing focuses on high-quality contemporary fiction and popular non-fiction books.

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