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Submissions are OPEN!

Hello everyone,

At Matthew James Publishing (an imprint of Andrews UK) we are dedicated to championing new talent and underrepresented voices in the publishing industry. Whilst our smaller size makes it more difficult for us to compete with the largest publishers, our dedication to you and your work is unparalleled.

Our process is all about collaboration; working with an author to ensure that their book matches their vision whilst preparing it for release. Should your manuscript submission be successful we will work closely with you to create something you can be proud of. With our years of experience in the industry we can help guide you through each process from design to marketing, and with our global platforms we can help you reach readers around the world.

Our focus is on greatness from small beginnings — growing our reach alongside our authors whilst continuing to provide a high-quality, collaborative, publishing experience to everyone that we work with. By focusing on what we do best, we can provide the greatest home for your book.

Whilst we’re open to receiving any and all submissions, the submission guidelines below highlight some of the key things we’re looking for in new books right now.

What we are focusing on:

We are open to any and all submissions for adult fiction and non-fiction. Our goal is to publish a wide variety of work from exciting new talent. However, our current focus at this time in on adult fiction.

What do you need to provide:

  • Submissions to be provided digital only (email) in Word document format. [PDFs are also accepted]
  • Completed manuscript if available (edited and proofed is a huge plus) or the first 3 chapters.
  • Proposed title and word count of manuscript
  • A full synopsis, including the ending, as well as a short blurb for the book
  • If you have already published the title yourself, let us know how and where it is available.
  • If you have any other supporting material, such as a cover you have designed or any internal illustration work please provide it

Supporting information [not essential but always appreciated]:

  • Preferred contact method and details
  • A short author biography
  • If you have previously released other titles, please reference them
  • A short outline of any series potential and plans for subsequent titles if applicable
  • A chapter breakdown with key events for each chapter listed

Please send all submissions to

What happens next?

If we like your submission we will get back to you to discuss how we can work together and what the next steps will be. As a company we believe it is important to get to know each other before we start anything, so our first step would be to set up a call to chat further.

Unfortunately, as a small company we cannot guarantee a response to every submission we receive, but we try to give feedback to as many people as possible.

If you haven’t heard anything from us after 3 months, then it is likely that we are not able to take on your book at this time. However, there is always the chance that we just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Please don’t send through reminders to us to prompt us to look at your work, if your submission is successful we will get in touch, but with our small team it isn’t possible to respond to everything and repeated emails may just get lost in the shuffle.


We do not gather permissions for third party materials. It is the author’s responsibility to gather all necessary permission for material that falls outside the remit of ‘fair dealing’ or ‘fair use’. For information on the interpretation of fair dealing in UK law, please consult the Society of Authors websiteQuotations of any length from poems, letters, lyrics and recipes, artwork and images [including photographs] maps and line drawings all require written permission. Copies of permissions granted must be submitted to us before we will consider publication.

If you have any ideas, or specific images in mind for the cover of your book, or any internal pages then please note that a high proportion of images found on internet searches are unlicensed and cannot be used. If you bring your own images to be used in the work we will need proof of ownership.

We require high-resolution images, licensed for commercial use (as opposed to editorial use), with model releases where appropriate. If you do not have your own images, your best bet is to gather material from stock photo websites such as iStockShutterstockCorbis and Getty images, checking that the licence is correct. If you are not sure what images you want to use then it is best to just leave a description of the image whcih we can discuss during the design process.

If you are an author looking to quote something out of one of our titles for your own work, then please contact us via email, either to submissions or general enquiries providing all details of the permission you require and we will get in touch.

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