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WatAdventure in Australia


Richard David Lawman
Illustrated by Katie Williams

Jiblets wrecks Sirius’ plan for a gentlemanly tour of Australia, and leads them on a wild goose chase through Melbourne, the outback, the jungle, the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney!  A hilarious adventure story that will teach kids about the wonders of Down Under.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 260 x 260 x 3
  • ISBN: 9781910265642
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WatAdventure in Australia is the first in a series of comic adventure stories brought to you by children’s interactive publisher WatAdventure.  A truly one-of-its-kind, WatAdventure in Australia stars a real child and artwork from real fans of WatAdventure.  Teaming up with kids social media giant PopJam, WatAdventure made the starring role in the book the prize of a unique creative competition – challenging its 30k+ fans to design a flag for the Watabus.  Also, ten boomerangs were designed by WatAdventure’s fans – and finding these forms one of Jiblet’s challenges at the back of the book.


“What I love about this is it’s a real collaboration between authors and their audience. And it’s fun. Very entertaining!”

Krishna Stott, Bellyfeel Media.


Richard David Lawman is a comedy writer, having worked with BBC, CBBC, ITV.  Some testimonials on his writing: “Bloody inventive, very impressed!” Shane Allen (Head of BBC Comedy)

“One to watch.”  Myfanwy Moore (Head of ITV Comedy)

“You are a gifted writer with a real talent for comedy” Geoff Atkinson (Head of Vera Productions)

“You are clearly a very talented writer.” Will Hanrahan (Hanrahan Productions)


Katie Williams is an illustrator based in Manchester, UK. She graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2016 with a first class BA(Hons) in Illustration w/ Animation. Katie’s work is strongly lead by a love of narrative, humour and finding magic in the everyday.

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